If you have done a Discipleship Training School with Youth with a Mission, you can further your training with this 12-week course at YWAM Salem, Oregon.

One of the main reasons Christians do not share the Gospel with others is fear.  And that fear is fed by the fact that many believers do not really know what they believe as Christians about simple things that unbelievers ask.  This has caused so many to never share the Gospel with people because they lack the confidence in their witness to share with others.  It is time to get your confidence back, by knowing what you believe as a Christian, and how to share the Gospel effectively with others.  The OAS is designed to bring together the mind of the apologist with the heart of the evangelist. It is a school that pulls on the heart, and equips the mind to be an effective intentional witness for Christ. Through dynamic teachings, digging into God’s Word, and hands on outreach every week, you will grow from being a Christian who is scared to share their faith into one who cannot help but share their faith with others. 

  • Week 1: Apologetics 101 “Understanding Apologetics and Logical Thought”

  • Week 2: Truth, Tactics in Defending the Faith, Hot topics..Homosexuality and Abortion

  • Week 3: The Inerrancy of Scripture

  • Week 4: The Exclusivity of Jesus Christ

  • Week 5: Creation vs Evolution

  • Week 6: Understanding Cults

  • Week 7: Church History

  • Week 8: Evangelism

  • Week 9: Addressing Islam

  • Week 10: Bible Overview—Knowing the Big Picture of the Redemption Story

  • Week 11: Essential Christian Doctrine


Cost: $3200

Dates: September 21-December 2018